Saturday, December 19, 2015

93. #2 Defining Moment of the PNoy Administration: PNoy eliminates Marwan, sacrifices SAF 44

This is what the Presidency is about, sacrifice 44 elite policemen to take down a wanted terrorist. Many people would not forgive the President for this, especially so that the 44 Special Action Force (44) members died in the hands of the MILF who has been talking peace with the government. I personally hate him for this because of the lies. I don't believe that former Sec. Mar Roxas and Sec. Volt Gazmin were not aware of this operation, especially Mar Roxas who's been turning up to take credit for every police matter in the country, since his appointment. Then, in the early reports on the incident he peddled the story that it was a misencounter. Rumors have it that this was a fund raising expedition as Marwan's head had a huge pot money, and the foreigners involved were bounty hunters. This is the trouble when the President himself is the peddler of lies. You can't believe anything. We only know Marwan was killed and in the process we lost 44 of the best policemen around. Many investigation reports have been released about this incident, but none with the credibilty to answer the question as simple as, why? When a new President takes over, I would propose that the erstwhile Truth Commission be revived to find out exactly what happened.

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