Monday, August 04, 2003

Dean Jorge Bocobo Rocks

I have been spying on his website for the past few months. Today, I found a real gem. I'd like to quote it here so I will remember it forever.

"In my opinion, the Supreme Court is infallible because it is never final. Judicial infallibility rests on perpetual corrigibility-the habit of self-correction based on new evidence and reflection, the same mental habit of redaction demanded by the scientific method. This is the metaphysics of the Law-it can never be unmated from the jealous truth. Or else, restless will roam and rage that sympathetic conscience and penetrating intelligence in the people, which survive mere Supreme Courts. "Nothing is settled until it is right." Justice Frederick Douglass says, "Nothing is final but justice, liberty and humanity." For all and from all, I say. "

See his complete article here.