Sunday, May 09, 2004

Charlie Co on our front desk

To decorate our reception area, the Managing Partner of our fledgling firm Guerrero Aceron & Avila just recently wasted 4,500 bucks on a multimedia graphic image of a waterfalls (complete with moving waters, chirping bird sounds and clouds being blown away!). I threatened to end the partnership if the picture didn't go soon. To find a suitable replacement, I then went to SM Megamall Galleria Duemila which is running an exhibit of the works of Bacolod Artist Charlie Co. Having viewed the exhibit, I remembered what NVM Gonzalez used to say: there is genius in the Filipino race. Charlie Co's material is world class. Alice Guillermo has a review of the show which appears in Today Newspaper. The online copy is found here. The moment I saw the above image, entitled "A Clown and the Three Puppets", I knew it was the painting that should meet our clients on the front desk. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil. See No Evil. Pure lawyerly stuff -- half serious, half comic. He he he. And it has three clowns too. Just like the three partners and the three associates. A bit self-deprecating, but definitely better than the waterfalls.

(The above image was taken from the Galleria Duemila website.)

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