Friday, August 10, 2001

Law degree now recognized as equivalent to a Master’s degree

Recently, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) informed the Honorable Chief Justice that the CHED has accredited the degree of Bachelor of Laws with corresponding Bar eligibility as equivalent to a relevant Master's Degree per its en banc Resolution No. 038-2001. The said Resolution includes the degree of Doctor of Medicine with corresponding board eligibility as equivalent to a relevant Master's degree.

According to the CHED, the rationale behind this is that Bachelor of Laws is a higher degree requiring completion of a first bachelor's degree before proceeding to the professional degree program. The ruling apparently cleared the confusion concerning government positions where a master’s degree is a requirement. An applicant who had a Bachelor’s degree in law could not apply because the degree appears to be insufficient. In the Philippines, however, before an individual can enter law school, she has to complete a bachelor of arts or science degree. Thus, acquiring a law degree is clearly equivalent to master’s degree and should have long been treated as such.

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