Monday, October 24, 2005

Atty. Mak, if calling for snap elections is illegal, tell me what's not?

Is appointing a fixer as COMELEC COMMISSIONER illegal?
Is buying election returns illegal?
is kidnapping an election official's family to compel her to cheat for a candidate illegal?
Is bribing military officers to make them cooperate in election fraud illegal?
Is transferring a general who refuse to cooperate in the cheating illegal?
Is the use of government funds for midnight projects that promote an incumbent's re-election illegal?
Is bribing COMELEC officials with envelopes containing PHP 30,000 in Arroyo's La Vista house illegal?
Is calling the COMELEC COMMISSIONER to get an update on the cheating illegal?

You're saying that calling for a snap elections to undo all the evil schemes your famous client did is illegal? Yes, maybe you're right . After all, what does the people's voice have to do with elections. So long as your client can pay and force people to vote for her, real elections can never be legal. For indeed, when the law of the land is power, giving voice to the powerless is illegal.

By the way, you should update your resume, Mr. Election Law Expert. You should add another specialty to your resume: coup d'etat. And when you retire with all that legal fees you get from representing whom Dean Jorge Bocobo refers to as the Moral Midgets, please write us the book on how to turn an elections into a coup d'etat. It must be an interesting read.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Why do I like Buble?

Michael Buble is no Frank Sinatra. I don't even think Buble can do justice to Matt Monro's "Speak Softly Love", the only other singer that Frank considered worth listening to. But here I am finally convinced to dish out hard-earned cash for original CD's of Buble's two albums. I ripped them on Itunes and now they're playing on the Ipod Nano.

Well, Buble has the precise diction, the clear words rolling from note to note, and the big band sound that reminds me of my care free days as a child of the 70s. But I yearn for the depth and roundness of the Chairman of the Board's voice. Buble simply does not have it. Perhaps, it was a mistake to expect that Buble can measure up to the Chairman of the Board. Surely, there must be another reason why I like Buble?

i was singing along Buble's version of the Summerwind, when I realized why. Buble is the first baritone to finally make it big again since the time Lou Rawls and Nonoy Zuniga were pushed out of the airwaves by Michael Jackson and the rest of those high-pitched male pop singers. I really hated it when I went to videoke bars, and found that I could only sing old Sinatra songs, because Top 40 male songs were, more often than not, sung by tenors and some in falsetto voices too. Finally, baritones are fashionable again, and the next time I take the microphone in the videoke bar, my wife will have no reason to tease me for singing old-fashioned Sinatra songs. Indeed, thanks to Buble, Sinatra songs are Top 40 again.

Monday, October 03, 2005

De Quiros: I refuse (Part II)

"...I demand to know what moral authority you have to conscript my loyalty as a citizen. As I said a couple of months ago, I refuse to give it. I refuse to be a good citizen to a bad president. "Bad" in the sense of lame or fake-my apologies to the lame and fake. I refuse to serve, I refuse to defend, I refuse to pay my taxes. Feel free to consider me a destabilizer. I was, I am, I will always be. If I weren't so, you would never have tasted the power you now use so wantonly.

Feel free to arrest me as well. I can always admit that anxious as I was to protect my country, I called up people who sounded like Jojo Binay. For this:

I... am...not...sorry."

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