Sunday, September 14, 2003



Democracy has an anomaly. The masses are dumb. They elect buffoons in office. They are easily fooled by propaganda. Thus, criminals and airheads get elected into office. And while in public office, the criminals commit more crimes while their intellectually-challenged colleagues do nothing. It turns into a cycle of criminality and stupidity. Soon, government is dominated by the criminals and the dumbs. Yes, what once Archibald Machleish said as the only "true revolution of today" is a failure. It did not deliver on its promises. And we have no choice but to move on towards a new paradigm of power.

Thomas Kuhn is right. There is no perfect paradigm. Pretty soon as a paradigm has settled in the people's hearts and minds, it exposes its weaknesses and flaws. And remedial measures to cure the defects lead only to more and more anomalies until the system collapses.

Democracy's most recent anomaly is George W. Rising as a political star using his dad's name and political connections, George W. also made his fortune as a crony capitalist with the help of self-dealing accountants -- who ironically gut busted during his term as President. Looking for fashionable things to do, Mr. George W., took in a group of rightists in his cabinet and threw the world at war in Afghanistan and Iraq, in the process lying very much about the justifications for the action and ignoring the United Nations completely. Apparently, he isn't just doing stupid things to the world, he is also fooling around with populist economic policies in his country plunging it into budgetary deficits unheard of in years. Now, everyone in the US is shaking their head. How can the world's most powerful nation elect a buffoon in office? No thanks to this lesson, they are now even contemplating the election of a polish body-builder actor who's movie lines never go beyond "I dunno, you dunno, we dunno." It is inevitable that this other buffoon will become governor and president one day. The masses are dumb. For so long as they vote, they will vote stupid people in office.

And this will be the well spring of the new paradigm. The inherent inability of the people to think and act to their best interest, the fundamental sickness of forgetfulness of what is good for them -- this will be cause of the new paradigm. What will be its shape and form? I do not have the slightest idea. But what I do know is democracy sucks. And we are all finding out about it.

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