Saturday, November 29, 2003


Make no mistake about it, Dolphy is a bigger star than FPJ. FPJ's films have started to flop. Look what happened to his last film Pakner's with Efren Bata Reyes. Not even the lure of the billiard's king could pack in the crowds. But Dolphy, his last flop was Anak ni Facifica Falayfay which was ages ago, and he has been able to recover since then.

Dolphy stands for good natured humor. If the guy can lead us to laughter, he sure can lead us to paradise.

Dolphy can sing. He doesn't mumble in hopeless monotone.

Dolphy can dance. Yes, all seventy-five years of him. He makes Gary Valenciano dance like a baby. You should see Dolphy do the cha-cha. Dolphy doesn't stoop like an old tree with branches a-swaying.

Dolphy can act. His face can express emotion -- anger, fear, sadness. Didn't he make us all cry in Ang Tatay kong Nanay? And he doesn't need fancy lines -- like "Pinuno muna ang salop... Dapat ka ng kalusin" -- to get by.

Dolphy is a good father. How can you explain 18 children by different women with not a single one of these kids harboring any resentments? At the very least, he has proven himself well in household(s) management.

Most of all, despite all the temptations, Dolphy has the good sense and humility to reject the crazy idea that having a successful movie career makes him qualified to be in public office. As he always says when asked about the prospects, "Eh paano kung manalo ako?" (What if I win?)

If we really think the elections is a movie festival, we might as well bring in the King of Comedy!

We need a man with common sense. We need a man who knows his limits. We need a man like Dolphy.

Dolphy for President!


My complete slate for elections 2004

Dolphy for President

Bayani Agbayani for Vice-President


Ai Ai de las Alas
Ruby Rodriguez
Willy Revillame
Allan K.
Ben Tisoy
Richie D'Horsie
Brother Eli

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