Wednesday, July 21, 2004

This is what the shift to pariamentary system is all about: to eliminate the chances of having the likes of ERAP and FPJ from getting a serious crack at the presidency ever again. Under the proposed parliamentary system, the head of state will be elected by and among the members of parliament. He should be man (or woman) who will earn the respect of his peers. Nobody gets respected in this place unless he knows how to please everyone. To please everyone, one should know which interests to protect. The dumb can only go so far. No more cinematic political shows. No more rhetoric to rally the masses. In the proposed parliamentary sytem, things willl get done through back channel wheeling and dealing. Wouldn't it all be a bore? It wouldn't matter now. I look at the presidential timbers for 2010 and it's gotten me scared: The time has come to end this farce. Let's move to parliament and give power to the wise.

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