Sunday, January 02, 2005

Thoughts for the New Year

My Agenda for 2005: Retire from the law practice.

That is -- if I could bag a major deal, which can ensure the education of my four kids, the youngest of which is four-month old Julian Agustin. Hah, maybe not this year, but who knows? Don't get me wrong. I am enjoying my work. And if I were to live my life again, I will make sure to repeat this detour to the legal profession. But more exciting and less strenous lives beckon -- like professional blogging and teaching, albeit low-paying. That's why I need that deal this year while I'm only hitting 35, so I can live the remainder of my years on this earth in more interesting terms. As my law professor and now Ateneo Law School Dean Atty. Cesar L. Villanueva used to say, the greatest tragedy that can happen to you in this world is to be born a baby and to die only a lawyer.

Things I'd like to see in 2005: Bloggers outscooping the Establishment

One of these days it is bound to happen. The pinoybloggers are arming themselves. They are writing better stuff in substance and form. And they have the built in advantage against the Establishment: no payolas, no envelopes, and no corrupt desk editors, how can it not happen this year?

Still hunting: The New Paradigm of Power

I mentioned it before: democracy sucks. The masses are easily fooled. From where should political power emanate? So far history has placed the X mark on the divine right of kings, the tyrants who got power from military conquests, and the politburo who wielded the communist revolution in the USSR. I am writing off democracy, but I have nothing better to replace it with. That's why I'm still hunting for the new paradigm of power. In the meantime, we all have to bear its mistakes, like Time Magazine's Man of the Year George W. Bush.

By the way, I have stopped my Time subscription two years ago. And I am not renewing for as long as they keep making this mistake over and over.

Books I'd like to see in 2005

1. Sassy Lawyer's houseonahill
2. Batjay's blog book.
3. Mona Veluz's Renaissance Girl
4. The Inquirer's book on blogs (ha ha ha for my friendly neighborhood bote dyaryo dealer)

Crisis to prepare for: the power crisis.

If you are building a house this year, make sure you allot about 160K for solar power generation. I have confirmed from friends in the power industry that it is certainly going to happen. Our government is not going to meet the power demands and pretty soon we are going to experience a similar power crisis (probably worse)that the country experienced in the early 1990s. As for me, I'm postponing the Ipod in favor of a diesel run household generator -- urg!

Happy New Year to all!


rolly said...

I certainly envy you, man. You are thinking of retiring from your career at age 35 while I am still struggling with mine at age 47. Ugh...

It's just like paraphrasing Karl Marx... "Bloggers Unite". And I agree with you. Bloggers are not intimidated by the establishment, no editors, no payolas but they're own love for expressing themselves. We may be the alternative now but who knows? we might be the mainstream someday.

YEs, what better system is there? Christian socialism? I can almost hear Sassy scream! HAHAHA

Gandang bwena mano blog mo a. Made me think kagad.

lornadahl said...

Hello, Happy New Year! =)

I can't wait for the next best thing to happen for bloggers. We're People of the Year! Hurrah!

Sassy Lawyer said...

Go, go, Marvin! Retirement (with pay) is the greatest thing ever!

Ah, a book. Yes, that would be nice. Maybe I'll publish it myself so I wouldn't have to deal with a professional publisher with his own set of editors. Man, I hate getting edited.


marvin said...

Hi Tito Rolly. Sino nga ba nagsabi nito? -- Choose the work you love, and you never have to work for a day. By these terms, it seems Yuga and Sassy are having a ball.

Thanks Sassy, pero kung hindi naman mangyari ok na sa kin kahit one year na sabbatical.

You owe us that book Sassy. Publish it this year.

Hi Lornadahl. I really have good feeling about the pinoybloggers this year. It is going to be the pinoybloggers year.

Apol said...

happy new year! good luck to your agenda for 2005! it was realy nice meeting you atty! =)

... said...

may you find that which can "set you free". i must say, my exodus from corporate life has been nothing short of amazing!

thank you for the kind words! means a lot coming from someone i respect. :)

Sassy Lawyer said...

malapit na, marvin. hehehe