Sunday, April 03, 2005

"Good Night Sweet Prince, And Flights of Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest..."

La Vida Lawyer joins the rest of the Catholic world in mourning the passing of Pope John Paul II. Pope John Paul II has served us well as the Vicar of Christ and spiritual leader of the Church in this world. He is a hero and champion of peace to the world.

Thank you Pope John Paul II for being a source of hope and inspiration for all. Go now and rest for you have served us well indeed.


bayi said...

Indeed, as the Undersecretary of State for the Vatican Archbishop Leonardo Sandri said, "We all feel like orphans this evening." This best describes how I feel, even as a non-Catholic. I have always seen the Pope as a source of inspiration for peace in the world, a light admist the troubled background today. He gave hope and dignity to mankind.

marvin said...

What is there beyond death?
It makes you a little fearful of the future. What would the world be without John Paul II? At this point, 3/4's of my life has been led by the light of John Paul II. In college while studying existentialist philosophy, I went through a phase of hopelessness and despair, in spite of the 15 units of theology, existentialism has that kind of attraction. For some time then, Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot appeared to be truer and more romantic, as it were, than Christ's Paschal Mystery. And so for a long time, I was hovering between the Catholic faith and agnosticism, until in 1995, the Pope published his groundbreaking book, "Crossing the Threshhold of Hope", a deep and eloquent meditation on the death of Christ and the human condition. I think from then on, I have never waivered, and there is a chapter in that book that is forever etched in my memory. If in death, we are saved by the death and resurrection of Christ, then what is there left to fear?

Oh, JPII I'd surely miss you.

bayi said...

What is there beyond death? I believe there is heaven and hope for it. But I am not afraid of what is in store after this life.

What would the world be without Pope John Paul II? As it always would have been, chaotic and at times frightening but sometimes also reassuring. For another will take his place and the world will go on spinning. For such is the pre-ordained plan of God and nothing deviates from what He has willed. We are grateful for the beneficial legacy of Pope John Paul II for that too, is His will.

What is man waiting for in Waiting for Godot? I have thought of this question for 27 years, to be exact, and the answer still eludes me. For such is the romanticism that Beckett exuded in his works.

Major Tom said...

Hi Marvin,

I am so glad that you are a fellow faithful, with a faith rekindled. They said, faith is not as pure if one does not question first. True faith is when we ask first and know more.