Thursday, May 19, 2005

Who are the people in your neighborhood?Mr. Finance Guy

"Tell me attorney, how do you make money?" and my imagined conversation over tall bottles of wine with the finance guy takes off to a trembling start.

I replied, "I don't make money. Money is a by-product of what I do. I sit in my office, and somebody calls me for help. Sometimes I'm required to attend a hearing, draft a contract, or simply answer a question. And the money comes. Sometimes it doesn't, but I don't usually mind. God has made sure that I get a balance of those calls from the payers and the non-payers. So if you're wondering how I make money, I don't. It comes. How about you Mr. Finance Guy, how do you make money?"

And he proudly declared, "I make money on money."

I gave him the blank look, as if to ask what he meant.

He said, "People come to me because they need money. I lend them my money but they have to get back to me with my money and some more money. You want to build a house attorney? I will lend you the money to build it. But you have to come back and pay me principal plus interest, or your house is mine, so I can sell it and get back my money plus interest. Get my drift?"

I nodded. He then added, "Some people come to me, because they are starting a business, and they need money to put it up. I give them my money. But they have to promise me that they're going to make profits by running it well. If they don't, I give them hell. But usually they do. So, I don'r just get interests but dividends, sometimes I get more.I make money on money. Get it?"

"I don't like you," was all I could say.

"Does it matter ?" he asked.

"Of course not. You're the guy who pays," and we each downed another glass of wine.


R. O. said...

What a cynical, cynical person. The world is such a hopeless case if it is populated by his bitter kind. Can't blame him, but I'm afraid he just told you a lie. There are enough good people in this world.

R. O. said...

Oh, no, this is a comment for the other blog. Sorry.

R. O. said...

The one you have before this one.