Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Sun Tzu Advice No. 8: "Seize the Sun Tzu Moment"

Sun Tzu says, "Those who cannot win must defend, those who can win must attack. Defend when one's forces are inadequate, attack when one's forces are abundant."

The initial battles are over, but the war has not been won. While Sammy Boy has been temporarily neutralized -- thanks to his own folly, he was sent out of by his hosts in San Carlos Seminary -- the endgame scenario has not been drawn. GMA should take a look again at her political screenshot. Has there been any shift in loyalties among her people? The public sentiments appear to be clearly red or white, but very few are willing to take the streets again unlike in EDSA I and II.

Thus, the timing is perfect for her to make the strong pitch for the constitutional process. She and her allies should start barraging media with appeals for sobriety and the need to uphold the rule of law. She should start challenging people to take her to court, instead of protesting in the streets. As stated in the previous posts, the sooner that this crisis is brought to the courts, the sooner that it will be resolved. With her renewed strength, thanks to Sammy Boy's disappearance from the public's eye, she should focus now on convincing the public to trust the system. Trust Congress that it will consider the impeachment raps. Trust the Ombudsman to consider the curious case of Mikey and Uncle Iggy. She should stop those speeches that tend to brag about her accomplishments in office. It's easier to convince people not to take the streets, because there are laws to be followed, than to tell them not to take the streets, because she is a good president.

The inherent weakness of the opposition is its lack of organization. This means she can reach out to them one by one, win them over, and ruin their spotty alliance. She should start reaching out to the opposition senators. Perhaps, it's time for her to apologize to Senator Pimentel for her abrupt decision to ditch the Salonga-Pimentel senatorial slate in 1992 in favor of Lakas? Perhaps Mike Defensor can now apologize to Sen. Madrigal for his harsh statements about her family and plead to her to stop calling for the President to resign? Whatever it takes, she should crush the opposition by winning over their most respected men. Now is the perfect time to do so.

This is what I call the Sun Tzu moment -- the exact moment when the falcon should strike and break the body of its prey. GMA should seize that moment now.


jeopardy said...

Ahh Law and politics. What a lovely couple.

Major Tom said...

I feel this controversy will drag long and hard. Do you see an impeachment scenario ala Erap?

marvin said...

Thanks for your comments jeopardy and major tom. GMA has no choice but to allow the opposition to take the legal route, or this crisis will be resolved on the streets or in a bloody coup.