Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ridiculous Propaganda

Thanks to Rizalist who gave the link to the video of the Government-produced clip on Proc. No. 1017. I fell asleep midway into the clip, and then I was jolted by a soundbyte that sort of theorized that there was an understanding or alliance between the Leftists and Rightists, because Atty. JV Bautista and Atty. Argee Guevarra were seen together with Col. Querubin.  

I couldn't stop myself from laughing at the proposition, as I know Argee Guevarra as far back as the 80s when we were "smiling" activists in Ateneo.  and he was already investing his savings in the stock market. Argee even went around with teeth braces in La Salle Greenhills. In college, Argee made his mark in poetry by self-publishing his own erotic poems and consigning them in bookstores.  Argee became a lawyer in 1996, even if in the middle of his bar review he would often stop and write a poem instead. As a lawyer. Argee had a good run of famous cases including that of Ador Mawanay and the victims of the multitel scam
For many years. Argee has been writing a column for Businessworld, a capitalist tool most definitely, and is credited for having invented the concept of "Pogi Points" in one of his most memorable column pieces back in the 90's. 

While Argee appears to be a member of Sanlakas, the party-list group that lost in the last elections, this does not mean he represents the sentiments of Sanlakas or even the extreme or moderate left in the political spectrum. If the military did its intelligence work properly, it would have found out that Argee's protest actions and Sanlakas affiliations are more of a cover for his bourgoise sentiments and inclinations. (50 Pogi Points for that Argee for being a politically aware yuppie.)So if you see Col. Querubin and Argee Guevarra together, you could conclude nothing, except perhaps that Argee may have found a new client for his law firm or is just making more Pogi Points for himself.


Sassy Lawyer said...

Nice anecdotes on Argee Guevarra. Should I tell you about JV Bautista in turn? Then we can laugh together.


marvin said...

Oh yeah! That would be nice. BTW I'm working with JV on an intra-corporate dispute involving a multi-million insurance company. How's that for a commie?

Anonymous said...

JV Bautista...that playboy professor from Araullo University and having an illegitimate child with his former student and now live in partner GRO look-alike lawyer????? hahahaha..your anecdote about this kind of lawyers will surely interest the public! Buti di pa sila na didis bar despite that

Anonymous said...

so what's wrong with having an illegitimate child. JV Bautista is a 100% hottie any girl would be all too willing to have his child, and i assume what mr. anonymous meant is that the girl is a lawyer who looks like a gro. Therefore, she is a brain and beauty. No wonder Bautista fell for her. EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT GIRLS!