Thursday, May 31, 2007

Notes on the Elections Part 2: The Politics of Sound System, Mic and Minus-one

My cousin, Maria Estela Felipa "Estee" M. Aceron, was recently elected as Vice-Governor of Oriental Mindoro. Estee, armed with a law degree, a beautiful voice, and ramp model looks, has changed Mindoro politics forever.

Estee shares her winning formula in her blog. She writes.
Now, I truly say that “guns, goons and gold” are not indispensable during elections. One can still win without them. In my case, “sound system, mic and minus-one” are indispensable!

After her election, her father, Edgardo C. Aceron, hands down one of the best trial lawyers I've seen, wrote her this letter, which Estee also shares in her blog. I'd like to share it to this blog's readers to inspire more advocates for the politics of "sound system, mic and minus-one."

Sta. Maria Village
Calapan City , Oriental Mindoro

17 May 2007

Dear Estee,

Three days after elections, we already know that your victory in the vice-gubernatorial race is almost a certainty. In the latest PPCRV Partial Results of the Official Canvass, you are leading by a wide margin of more than 74,000 votes over Dr. Tony delos Reyes. And your votes are still pouring in. By all indications, you are winning overwhelmingly in Calapan City as well as in all Municipalities in Oriental Mindoro except only in Pinamalayan, the home town of your political adversary.

Since the time that you decided to cast your lot in the political arena (in the 2001 elections when you ran and won as 1st councilor of the city, through the 2004 elections when you were elected as number 1 board member, until today, when victory in the recently concluded elections is already at hand), your rise in the political horizon is meteoric. However, as a concerned parent, amidst the euphoria of success, I have my own fears and apprehension about your private life, your career and most especially, your future in politics.

You see, you have a lucrative law practice in Metro Manila You are still single at the age of 33 years and from what I observed I am suspecting that you are beginning to like politics.

I feel guilty for introducing you to politics while you were still in your fledgling years, You are aware that early in my own political life, I was involved in the struggle to change the system of politics - geared towards giving poor and deserving candidates for political positions equal footing with the rich and the affluent. Even when you were still in high school you joined me in our crusade against the politics of patronage and against candidates with guns, goons and gold. I sincerely believed then, that I could attain our noble objectives during my time. But I was wrong, I lost, miserably.

After that pitiful loss we vowed never to get involved in politics again. I remember you were the most vocal among the members of the family against any of us getting involve in politics again. But as fate would have it. This is not to be so.

It came to your mother and I as big surprise when in November 2001, while in Los Angeles , California , we received an overseas call from you informing us that you have given your word to Mayor Arnan Panaligan, that you are consenting to run as councilor of the city under his slate. That hastened my vacation as I immediately rushed back to Calapan City , Oriental Mindoro to prepare for the campaign.

Thus began your own quest for your rightful place in the political spectrum. Political observers say that by all standards, your performance in politics, from the start until now, from councilor to vice governor in so short a time, is nothing but impressive and spectacular.

We cannot really fathom the ways of the Lord. In this election we did not act like traditional politicians. More than the honor of being the vice governor of the province, your victory is most especially significant and meaningful to me because it was the fulfilling grace for me that eased the angst and agony of defeat that I have been nurturing all through the years.

We did not have the guns, goons and gold, yet we won. You have continued my crusade and proved to the world that we could do away with the politics of patronage and still win overwhelmingly over our political opponents. From father to daughter, I thank you for redeeming our name in politics.

But honestly I am afraid. My fatherly instinct obliges me to make you realize that politics is dirty - that it may be better for you to choose and pursue your career and to have a family of your own. Your future in politics is uncertain. Next election you will not be as young as you are now. By that time, Mom and I, would be older and may no longer be able to withstand the rigors, inconveniences and ordeal of campaign. Without the necessary logistics, you will be charting a very dangerous course.

Having made a clean breast of everything to you, the decision is still yours to make. To paraphrase a famous quotation from "Invictus", by British poet William Ernest Henley, "You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul." We shall always abide and respect your decision.


May the Good Lord and the Holy Spirit guide and keep you always!

We love you,

Dad & Mom

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