Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Top Ten Starbucks Aliases

1. Nowan

One cappuccino for "Nowan"! (Insert canned laughter here.)

2. Yu
3. Mi
4. Bidden
5. Saken
6. Rontong
7. Rorot
8. Ever
9. Given
10. Nickate


reyna elena said...


Jumped here blame MLQ3!

When I was in Manila, I was also a regular at Starbucks spec the one over at Podium coz we were staying at Discovery.

My name at Starbucks? Isabelle. What causes the laughter? HeHeHe Barako kasi ako.

Mona V said...

my only alias is "free". :?

sadly, i always had to pay for my coffee.

ces_m_c said...

how about "fivesix"?