Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gloria beats the system again

If Philippine politics were the NBA play-offs, GMA would be leading three to big fat zero. In 2005, GMA's team did it with a slam dunk in the Congress plenary, thanks to a great assist from perpetual senatoriable Oliver Lozano. In 2006, it was plain seamless teamwork that had the GMA congressional team even winning over to their side congressmen who voted for the impeachment the year before. And this year, 2007, it's a won game by default, as Congress buries the impeachment complaint 184-1.

Frankly, I think the yearly impeachment game is becoming a drag. The opposition is not learning from its mistakes. Maybe they should send for Phil Jackson who has not renewed his basketball coaching contract for next year. Learn from the Zen Master you idiots! Losing is a disease. And the opposition in this country is terminally afflicted with it. It all boils down to who has the stronger motivation to win. For GMA, it's the fear of going to jail. For the opposition, it's just the greed for taking the seat of power. Fear beats greed, 3-0.

See you next year losers!


Anonymous said...

Hi cousin. Does this also mean that just like the NBA games, players are paid, WIN or LOSE? Hahaha... No wonder, the players favor an impeachment game every year. Regards!

Anonymous said...

Now, thats better game than the NBA huh!heh he hehe cheerleaders anyone?