Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Explaining with the Explainer

Finally, my first real post for the year, 2008.

I was asked by Manuel L. Quezon III to be the guest explainer in his show "The Explainer" in tonight's show at 6:00 pm. My task was to explain how lawyers determine the credibility of witnesses. I prepared the powerpoint presentation yesterday.

I was a nervous wreck, so I decided to arm myself with a small metal container of cognac, which my wife, Ces, bought. I wae planning to take a sip just a few minutes before showtime to calm my nerves.

When I realized it was time for it, Manolo's executive producer, Twink Macaraig, caught me taking a sip in the dressing room and said,"Do you know what that is?"

"Yes.", I said.

"It's a flask." she said.

I told myself, "Oh so that's what is called."

"People put whiskey in that." she said.

"This is brandy."I said.

"You're going on tv with that?"

I said, "No. I just needed to calm my nerves. But I normally don't get drunk."

"You want us to take that from you?"

"It's not necessary, because I am done." And then she left me with my flask. The only problem is I got more nervous instead because I didn't know it wasn't allowed.

Then, Manolo showed me the script. I realized that I wouldn't go on camera until about twenty minutes in the show, so I decided to look for the washroom.

I saw one down the hall, but it was locked. The guard told me to wait as somebody was using it. I waited for almost ten minutes, but the guy in the washroom seemed to have fallen asleep! I heard Manolo starting the show, so I decided to proceed to the studio and just prayed that I could hold my bladder until the end of the show.

So finally, it was my turn. I blanked out a couple of moments, but thank God for Manolo who helped me recover my wits and finish the show.

Youtube clips to follow later. There will be replays on Saturday, February at 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, channel 26 ABS-CBN News Channel.

Just to repeat what I said earlier in the show. It's really hard to tell if Jun Lozada is credible until the persons he is accusing of committing a crime have been given a chance to cross-examine him in the proper court.

But in the meantime, putting aside my lawyer hat, I love Jun Lozada. I think he is sincere. We should support his crusade.


DJB Rizalist said...

Congratulations Marv! You did a great job with that presentation. Very clear, very concise. Went by quick though didn't it? TV is so ethereal. More power!

marvin said...

Thanks DJB! You know I feel that being in Manolo's show is like a badge of honor. That's why I couldn't let that pass, in spite of the busy workload the past few months.
Thanks again DJB. Btw, I'm working on your querries on the writ of amparo.

Lawstude said...

Congratulations Sir Marvin. Sana i-replay uli.