Thursday, June 19, 2008

The logic of dole-outs

is simply to avoid riots. It is a political solution to an economic problem. Dole-out relief is meant to convince the masses that the economic crunch is not caused by structural or governmental undoing. The economic crisis is an inevitable fate of a third world country bereft of food and oil resources. Dole-out relief is meant to mask the scarcity of management foresight.

The danger of dole-out relief happens when the masses have become dependent on it and there is nothing left to dole-out. For thereafter, rioting, which dole-outs intended to avoid, becomes a serious threat again. And thereafter, the logic of dole-outs will be judged as bad logic to begin with.

Ultimately, the logic of dole-outs is about buying time, time between the threat of the first riot and the second, and hope, that during that period somebody comes up with a logic better than dole-outs.

How about the logic of resignation?

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