Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ritual of the Word

(On the occasion of the blessing of APVLAW’s new office at the 31st F Atlanta Center 31 Annapolis St. Greenhills, San Juan)

When the partners and I went up this building in August this year, this place was a bare shell. No walls, no ceilings, no lights, but we had a spectacular view of the sun, sea and sky. Right there and then, we made a decision: APVLAW will hold office in this place.

At that time, the partners, Noel Punzalan, Steve Vehemente, Sonny Avila, Boyet del Prado and I did not know how and where to get the resources to build on this place. But we said the word, here, in this place, we will build our office. And God made the events conspire to make this day happen.

On the birthday of Mother Mary, September 8, 2008, APVLAW assisted our friends, who helped us get started way back in 2003 when APVLAW was just Aceron Law Office, JBY and JAB, in what is perhaps the biggest settlement in Philippine f-------- history. And may I say, we did not even have to send a demand letter to get what we wanted.

Of course, it was not enough. In October, I was contemplating on calling off the construction, but then our friends who supported us as far back as 2006, when APVLAW was Guerrero and Aceron Law Office, DNT and RGM, came to our rescue with a check and helped us complete the office.

And for that, we are forever indebted to these friends, JBY, JAB. DNT, RGM as well as our other friends who have been with us all these years. Thank you for your support. I always say we designed this office around the conference room to ensure that our friends and clients will always get the best view and the best seat.

I would like to mention, our partner in charge of physical plant, Steve Vehemente who took his title seriously and took a leave of absence from law practice for eight weeks to oversee the planning and building of this beautiful place. Thank you very much Steve, our work is not complete, but so far this has been excellent.

Today, December 18, 2008, marks the partial fulfillment of the words that the partners of APVLAW made in August this year. We said the word that here in this place we will build our new office and today we are now here. On behalf of the partners, let me now express what we want to do now that we’re here, and the task is at hand for us to complete.

Here, in this place, overlooking the sun, sea, and sky, we will keep the house of truth, justice, and love.

Here, in this place, facing the city that Quezon built, we will keep the brotherhood and honor among men.

Dito, sa bayan ng San Juan, pook ng Pinaglabanan, duyan ng magigiting na bayani, ipagtatanggol namin ang mga karapatan at papandayin ang kasaysayan ng bagong Pilipinas.

Here, in this place, beneath the moon and the stars, we will reach and renew our dreams, bring prosperity to our families, friends, our nation, and the world.

Here, in this place, underneath the great mountains and the clouds, we will bring glory to our families, glory to our nation, and glory to God.

December 18, 2008
Third Thursday of Advent

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