Thursday, August 04, 2016

148. Drama

A man was felled by a bullet and his wife embraced his lifeless corpse. Drama? Let's do this again. 

Man shot; wife embraced dead body. Spousal relations too tragic? 

Man dead -- woman embraced body. Embraced too strong a verb? 

X dead. Y held dead body. "D" word too sensational? 

( X + Y) - X = Y. The minus sign still provocative?

  101100000001. Ayan, no more drama. 

Today, somebody is going to be shot again, and we should all speak about it in 1's and 0's, in order not to offend the powers that be, who refuse to acknowledge that when one dies, regardless if he's a crook,    a woman is widowed or  a child is orphaned. There I go again, putting drama in this government war on drugs. Indeed, the Government has delivered the numbers, but I am not ready to rejoice this early. Every war has two sides, and we haven't seen the other side respond. And while this war is happening, we will be driving on the streets, our children going to school, our family and friends doing things as if everything is normal. There would be casualties on all sides not just from the wagers but also from the bystanders. And soon, we will  remember this is the reason why we have laws -- so that people will not be killing each other casually as if they're buying stuff from the grocery. But that again is too much drama. I don't have the numbers to back me, but I still believe the way to win this drug war is to teach people how to be masters of their will. 

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