Sunday, December 04, 2016

170. Letter to my 21 Year Old Self

You worry too much about the small things. The years ahead have so much to give you -- a career, a spouse and a family, friends and relatives who would support you, and wisdom only time and space can teach you. It is the hand of God cradling you every moment,  gently and constantly. You have been loved from the day you were born, and this love would stay with you especially in times that you need it most.

Ateneo Alumni Homecoming 2016, College 91 #TatakAsul

Your worst reaction to this love is fear and pride, the sins of your youth. Yet, what is there to fear when everything is given to you out of love? The unknown must be met with enthusiasm and hope like a baby learning how to walk. And the far extreme is to think these things are entitlements and not gifts, to compare what has been given to others to what you have received, and to fail to see through the eyes of others who struggle in the darkness and light of this love.  Receive this love with all humility and gratitude, and you would understand the greatness and splendor that is for all to share. But still, you would need time and space to understand these words. Soon, you would be happy -- far happier than you have ever been. Love is all there is. Worry not about the small things. God is all there is. 

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