Thursday, March 11, 2004


Sun Tzu says,

"Those who are skilled in warfare will always bring the enemy where they want to fight and are not brought there by the enemy."

In this morning's Inquirer, a newswriter reported that Erap has started to distribute video CD's showcasing his side of the story in his plunder trial. Knowing that the courtroom is not his battleground, Erap has decided to bring his case to the court of public opinion. With a directed and even fictionalized account of his version of the story, how could Erap lose? No cross-examinations. No legalese. Erap's VCD stands as his Memorandum to history.

What does this mean? Erap is going to use public opinion to get himself out of jail. Public opinion will elect Poe as President. Public opinion will "convince" Poe to give him executive clemency. And in the event that GMA wins, public opinion will stir another EDSA TRES.

Interesting times we live in.

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