Monday, March 01, 2004

Will Brother Eddie Appoint Jesus Christ to the Cabinet?

As the campaign heats up, Brother Eddie appears to be the only true alternative to the traditional politicians. The others in the opposition are simply loaded with the politicians of old. FPJ has Manong Ernie Maceda and Manong Johnny Ponce Enrile in his senatorial slate. This only goes to show that the Erap gang is behind his candidacy. Raul Roco while seemingly loaded with political neophytes in his slate has Edno Joson in his list. Well, Mr. Joson was Erap's NFA Administrator so I count him out of my list too. Ping has the Zamora Brothers. But Bro. Eddie? He's on his own. So is he the true alternative?

Not so fast. A few years back, I remember Bro. Eddie getting involved in a little fight with Bro. Mike Velarde over channel 11. The two had joint venture agreement when they acquired Channel 11. As both leaders accepted the other as co-equal, they agreed that Channel 11 would be ran by a Management Committee composed of three. Who were the members? Bro. Eddie, Bro. Mike and Bro. Jesus Christ. No kidding. No wonder the two got involved in a bitter fight and no less than Pres. Fidel V. Ramos had to mediate the dispute between the warring religious leaders.

Now, can somebody ask Bro. Eddie if Jesus Christ would get a cabinet position in his presidency? He keeps on saying it was God who told him to run. So will he return the favor with a juicy appointment? "God" must really be fickle. As far as I can remember it was also "God" who told Gringo Honasan to push through with his coups in the 80's and early 90s. It was also God who told Pres. Arroyo to renege on her promise not to run for re-election and to give the presidency a second shot. It's a nutty world we live in.

I guess it's Eddie Gil then.

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