Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My Experience as an Exorcist: The Case of the Canadian Stowaway

I have a cousin who began seeing spirits about four years ago. Let's call her KING then a teenager when these events happened. Her third eye was opened when my grandparents, who died about five years ago, tried to convey a message to us, and she was the only willing medium. They have tried to convey a message to me too through a dream, but I was too frightened to talk to them. My cousin who appeared to have been fascinated by her abilities talked to them in her dreams. As she persisted, she soon could see their spirits even in broad daylight.

Thereafter, my cousin allowed herself to be a channel for my grandparents to touch and feel the world again. This is a long story that will be subject of another post. Meanwhile, let's proceed from this premise that after that incident in which my cousin allowed herself to be the channel of my dead grandparents, things were never the same again. Spirits from everywhere have spotted her and have attempted and succeeded to take over her body. It was only through the help of a professional exorcist and her father, an enthusiast of the occult, that she was able to drive them away eventually but not until after they have conveyed the stories of how they died and what they wished for in the physical world.

In the summer of 2001, I brought my family to our hometown in Pola, Or. Mindoro. I had only two kids then. My sister and my cousins joined us in the trip. Pola (also the hometown of the Vice President) rests on the eastern part of Mindoro with vast beaches. Check out the map here. It's primarily an agricultural town, and people often come there to take a vacation after working on the big city. In the first afternoon since we got there, we went for a swim in Aguada Beach.

My cousin King joined us. We had a grand time enjoying the warm and clean water, blue sky and the fine-grained sand. We were the only ones in the beach then, and we were horsing around as if the beach belonged to us. At about 5:00 pm, we decided it was time to go. Our house was about one kilometer away from the beach, so it was a long walk.

On our way home while walking on the beach, the spirit manifested herself to King. The spirit was in distress, and she wanted to talk to King. But due to her previous encounters with restless spirits, King ignored the spirit and continued to walk home with us as if nothing was happening. Apparently, the spirit would not give up and she would follow us all the way home. We were all still clueless about King's encounter with this spirit from the beach.

King's main weapon against these spirits have always been a medal that was given to her by a professional exorcist. I don't have the details of this medal but it has proven very potent as no spirit has succeded taking over her body whenever she wore it. Meanwhile, the spirit decided to stop bothering King as my cousin went inside our house and washed up. This caused King to be a little lax on her defenses as she changed clothes and forgot about the medal that was pinned on her wet clothes. She failed to get it and pin it on her fresh clothes.

Soon after washing up, she felt dizzy and decided to go to sleep. In her sleep, the spirit started bothering her again. The spirit was begging her for help. While King was struggling with the spirit, we were all having a little snack downstairs, and were not aware of what King was going through.

Just then King ran down the stairs and cried out for her Dad. Unfortunately, her Dad was not around.

The household was terrified as we saw King get into a trance as the spirit tried to take over her body while she put up a resistance. My cousins, sisters and my wife took out their rosaries and prayed as we had been accustomed to do on these occasions. While everyone prayed, we all held King by her feet and hand to stop her from hurting anyone. King's eyes were piercing and red. She growled and scratched like crazy as we went on praying.

About thirty minutes later, a village exorcist arrived. She uttered prayers on King and spoke to the spirit in various languages. Meanwhile, King was throwing up. Based on our experience, everytime King was throwing up, it meant that the incantations were working, and the spirit was being expelled. I was beside King while all this was happening and held on to the her hand.

Alas, for thirty minutes, it appeared that the spirit was still around. The exorcist was being hostile to the spirit as she wanted the spirit to be driven away. Yet, the spirit appeared to be saying something important. But the exorcist didn't seem like she wanted to talk with the spirit, as the exorcist continued to speak to her in tongues.

Then, the spirit took over King's voice and began to speak in English. The village exorcist decided to let me speak to her. And this was how I managed a conversation with her:

Spirit: Have you seen Nancy?

MBA: What do you mean?

Spirit:Do you know Raul?

MBA: What do you mean?

Spirit: Raul, he raped me and killed me.

MBA: What's your name?

Spirit: I am Jamila Miller.

MBA: What happened?

Spirit: I am from Canada. I stowed away from my parents and went to Puerto Galera with my friend Nancy. There I met Raul who raped me and killed me and dumped me on the sea. You have to find Raul.

MBA: Do your parents know about this? How can we get in touch with them?

Spirit: There is no way to contact them. You have to find Raul.

At this point, the exorcist told me that it was time to ask the spirit to leave.

MBA: Jamila, you have to let King's body go.

Spirit: No. I will kill her. She refused to help me.

MBA: Jamila you're dead. You have to move on. Move on. We will pray for you. In heaven, you will find the justice that eluded you in this world. Move on. You will find God the Father and Mother Mary there. They will take care of you.

And the spirit left, as King was revived unto herself. King said Jamila was a caucasian teen-ager. She had long hair and a big red mark on her face apparently the result of being hit by a blunt weapon.

We wondered how a spirit whose body was apparently dumped in Puerto Galera could get to the beaches of Pola, Or. Mindoro. She may have taken a ride with the bancas and boats plying the route. But the great mystery which until now is unsolved is who is this Raul? Where did he dump Jamila's body? When? Where are Jamila's parents and relatives? Who is Nancy? Where is she?

Next post: The Return of Jamila Miller's Spirit


cathcath said...

I know how it feels when so many spirits try to get your attention. The danger is when the spirit is troubled that it inadvertently creates havoc through
telepathy and energy transfer phenomena.

A person open to these unseen forces should have something for self-defense and protection.
Mine is a cross that I wear day and night. I dreamed about the cross and the message that I should wear it.

The problem was finding it. Then one day, a balikbayan friend visited me. She was wearing the crucifix. I offered to buy it at any price she wanted. To my surprise, she gave it to me for free together with the chain. She confessed that she had this unexplainable urge to see me with the cross.

marvin said...

Hi Cathy. You should meet my cousin King. You can probably form a club -- i.e. WSDPC (We See Dead People Club or something)...he he he. Kidding aside, you know the Jamila Miller case is just one out of more than twenty spirit possessions that King experienced? This incident is the only one I have documented here, because I was involved directly in it but there were others like the spirit that haunted CCP which spirit possessed her after she watched Miss Saigon, the spirit of a murderer who wanted to exact revenge against the police who killed him, the spirit who introduced herself as Erlie, a boy who was thrown out the sea by seafarers aboard a ship plying the Mindoro-Batangas route, and the most horrifying group of nine restless spirits (including a family of three that has a mother and child nagging the spirit of the father who apparently kiled mother and child, and that of a headless soldier) that possessed her and five other high school students during their high school retreat in Baguio City.

Nowadays, King is in college, and she has somewhat matured in her powers as she is able to resist these restless spirits and is able to drive them away at will.

Tanggero said...

wow! interesting!

celia kusinera said...

hi marvin, that was really really interesting! I was just wondering has King tried helping these restless spirits? Or would it be dangerous for her to do it? Para kasing nakakaawa din sila pero I'm not really sure what is involved with the psychic who try to help them.

celia kusinera said...

Hi Marvin, minsan naiisip ko baka minumulto na rin ang comments ko. I typed a long comment here yesterday and it disappeared! It happened to me also twice in CaT's blogs. Anyways, what I wanted to say was - has King tried helping out these lost spirits? Or would it be dangerous for he to do so? Parang nakaka-awa din sila kasi. I just don't know what's the danger involved to the psychics if they do help.

celia kusinera said...

Ayy sorry, lumabas na rin yung previous comment ko ... never mind.

BernicE said...

hi sir :)
thats pretty scary. this entry is freaky...anyway hope your cousin learns to handle those nasty spirits. she is very brave. cant imagine what went to your mind when youve seen her convulse. anyway...youve got very smart entries :)

will drop by again if its alright