Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Wake up! You are the establishment.

And we, bloggers, are the alternative.

Don't pretend to be us. We won't pretend to be you.

Live. With. It.


gabusch said...

INQ7 is came up with a feature that let its readers blog through the site, giving their own thoughts (and not editorial's). Anytime the establishment sets up an honest effort to let its community be heard, it's a good thing.

It would only turn bad if somehow selected readers' comments based on a bias towards an issue, something they wouldn't do if they respect their community.

True, personal blogs are an alternative to the establishment, but there's no reason we can't live in the same space. Their move is a tribute to the power of blogging, and their move to have a (community-driven) blog is telling us we're doing something worthwhile. I can live with that.

marvin said...

You have a point. The fact that allows readers to react is a good thing. But that begs the issue. To call something a blog when clearly it's not while paying lip service to the bloggers -- there's the rub. If Talking Points were something like Salon Blogs, then we have no issue. But Talking Pints is not a blog. So should stop calling it a blog or even a quasi-blog. In the same manner, I don't call this site a newspaper or a quasi-newspaper, because it is not. This is a blog. You have a blog yourself (hey, It's cool by the way), you know what I'm talking about. I can't live with lies, especially from my favorite newspaper.