Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sun Tzu Advice No. 14: "Whack those Phones"

This crisis started, because somebody tapped Garcellano's cellphone.To muddle the issue, the pro-GMA camp also brought out Erap's tapped conversations with former general Joselyn Nazareno.

Last night, somebody told me another cellphone story. It's not another wiretapped cellphone conversation, but a cellphone call simply etched in memory that pointed to another compromised institution.

Allegedly, after the Supreme Court issued the temporary restraining order (TRO) against the implementation of the VAT law, SOMEBODY called Mr. Cesar Purisima. The voice on the the other end confirmed that the TRO has been issued. "Yung hinihingi niyo sa Supreme Court binigay na." This phonecall convinced Mr. Purisima it was time to go, and it was time to go with a bang. Is this story true? Who made that call to former Sec. Purisima? Why did it convince him to leave? What did Mr. Purisima mean when he said that he cannot give further details on the TRO or the VAT, because it would get him into trouble? In the Philippine Star headline today, Mr. Purisima denies having a hand in the publication of the story, which came out in Boo Chanco's column from the same newspaper, "This has no basis". Mr.Purisima is further quoted, "I wish to make it clear that I never gave Mr. Chanco an interview on these matters, and that I never made any such statement or opinion in any foum or to anyone else. In fact, I wasted no time in calling Mr. Chanco to personally ask him to reveal his sources, because I did not have any participation in the publication of his article or in the utterrance of any statement or opinion therein contained."

Those cellphones, tapped or untapped, pose a danger to national security.

Ma'am, whack those phones.


Anonymous said...

hi marvin, enjoy ako reading your blog. agree ako that she has to win back those renegades and to let the pros handle the crisis.

marvin said...