Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sun Tzu Advice No. 15: Don’t Make Mistake No. 3

Sun Tzu says, "Those who are skilled in warfare will always bring the enemy where they want to fight, and are not brought there by the enemy."

Mistake No. 1: The Apology
Mistake No. 2: Micro-managing the Crisis
Mistake No. 3: Truth Commission

The Truth Commission is not her battleground. She would be under extreme pressure to appoint men and women of integrity to make the idea work. She would have to give that commission broad powers to investigate. They should be able to issue subpoenas, examine witnesses, cite people in contempt, and hold public hearings. It is going to be another spectacle for her enemies to feast on. Worse, she will not be able to control it. Any person of integrity who would accept appointment on the Truth Commission will not be susceptible to political pressure. They would not be beholden to anybody but the truth. And as everyone knows by now, the truth is going to hurt.

Ma’am, don’t make Mistake No. 3.

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sunder said...

bravo, i like what i read, very entertaining and informative at the same time, i think if i continue to read your blogs regularly, i might become a sun tzu fanatic myself in the arts of war