Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sun Tzu Advice No. 17: Fool if you think it’s over

Sun Tzu says, "Do not press an enemy at bay."

It is strange to have a client who will hire you to sue herself. Politicians can be amusing sometimes. But we all know it wasn’t right. It was not right that Oliver Lozano’s impeachment complaint was initiated and sponsored by GMA’s crowd. It was not right that the people’s once a year shot at the impeachment process for legitimate grievances was stolen from them by the very people they elected. It was not right that we would never be able to get to the bottom of the Hello Garci Tapes and the Comelec pay-off as narrated by Zuce. The legal process has been subverted. The lone argument for the rule of law has been lost.

And so, before they pat themselves in the back, the Administration should expect the people going back to the streets. They should expect their ugly faces being lampooned in the editorial cartoons and on the web. The people will be all over them. They have pressed their enemy, the people, at bay.

Ma’am, it’s time to fortify the Malacanang gates. Make them high. Make them strong. And may God have mercy on your soul.


Punzi said...

It's a good time to see if new ringtones (based on congressional soundbytes) are already available...

el che said...

Does Sun Tzu have any advice or warning against not learning from past mistakes?

Didn't the GMA camp already commit this very same act during her first illegitimate term, when they filed an impeachment complaint to protect her for one year then?

The opposition should have seen it coming. While I am with them on this cause, they are giving Malacanang too much breathing space by coddling in their ranks idiots and gma-ish politicos, instead of filing their version of the complaint sooner. Before marching to the streets, they should have passed by Batasan first. They should have seen it coming.