Monday, January 02, 2006

Aphorisms on Unity as a Paradigm of Power

1. Power is a product of consensus. The majority does not act until the minority agrees. There is no minority or majority rule. There is only the rule of the united.

2. Unity is the fruit of sacrifice, and sacrifice, love.

3. The be all and end all of power is unity. Power is used only if it fosters unity; otherwise, it is not used at all.

4. The interest of the majority and the interest of the minority is the interest of unity.

5. In dissent, there is a fundamental affirmation that we are one. Agreement is a product of dissent and dialogue. It is the constant dissent and dialogue that leads to unity.

6. The medium and the message of power is unity.

7. Everyone has a place in this world. It is the failure and refusal to recognize this truth that led the world to wars. There is no peace unless there is unity.

8. Modern society's gravest sin is the marginalization of the minority. When the minority is unhappy, society is ill. The minority will be driven to violence. And the majority will respond with even more violence. It is an endless cycle unless the majority and the minority see dissent as an opportunity for dialogue. The fruit of dialogue is respect and understanding. The fruit of respect and understanding is unity. The fruit of unity is peace.

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