Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Big numbers for the NPA means it may be time to go.

An ex-NPA cadre told me lately that his former comrades are happy about their stats for the last quarter of 2005. Joma's boys are claiming that they had more than 200 tactical offensives nationwide for the period - their best showing all time. I made a mental count of news reports of NPA atacks, and I figured the claim might be true. This is disturbing, considering that the ideological models for Joma's boys have all failed, and Filipino ideologues should have dropped this foolsih communist experiment by now. Instead, their numbers appear to be growing, while our military is being used by rightist tyrants for cheating elections and mounting soft coups.

What time is it then? It may be time to consider migrating to Canada or elsewhere to be free from the impending disaster. I swear I love this country, but the key players of its present history are all dumb assholes. It's no use. My wife and I are now seriously considering the Canadian alternative. See you all at the embassy.


mong said...

why leave and allow the "dumb assholes" to influence the fate of our beloved nation?

if you can befriend former communists, maybe you can also try to reason out with the rebels.

marvin said...

Hi Mong,

Have you ever tried talking to a tree? That's what is like to talk to communists. In addition, they would rant you Mao and Marx jargon, and call you a petite bourgeosie for trying to convince them to move to your side. If you're unlucky, they would even put you in the list of the enemy of the people, most of whom have been already been killed.


Anonymous said...

right sir. and they very emotional with what they believe in. if you question some, they'll say: mahirap gisingin ang nagtutulug-tulugan.
m thinking of migrating too, but definitely i'll retire here. personally sir, there's still no place like home. kahit third world pa.

thanks for the space.

Coco Alcuaz said...

Communist rebels kill detachment chief, militiaman

First posted 08:50am (Mla time) Jan 21, 2006
Inquirer, Agence France-Presse

COTABATO CITY- Communist rebels on Friday killed an Army detachment chief and his militiaman escort in Magpet, North Cotabato, officials said on Saturday.

Town mayor Efren PiƱol said Army Sergeant Fernando Maglasang and militiaman Bebot Ayag, who were aboad a pasenger jeep, died after four suspected members of the New People's Army (NPA), who were in the same vehicle, fired at them.

Hmm. Of all the reasons people have been giving me for leaving or thinking about leaving, this is one that hasnt come up yet. But now that you mention it, there HAVE been a lot of NPA incidents, it seems. You may have something there.