Thursday, May 01, 2014

Look No Seat Belts

The bus is clean and cool. That would have been settled at that, except that this is a ten hour trip. The trip would be bumpy midway so it would be nice and comfortable to have seat belts and a mechanism to recline the chairs. But, I don't expect to be asleep the entire trip, so ditch the seat belts.

We had reserved seats for ten and when it seemed that two ladies have taken over our reserved seats, the two lawyers in this trip (that includes me) demanded for their tickets. The frightened ladies said they gave theirs to the driver as we examined our tickets to find out the cause of the confusion. Ooops, a little misreading by our staff led us to believe they took our seats. Okay, we're squared. Everyone is now in his place. The bus is about to roll.

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