Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Al Ghozi killing overshadows Chapter III

Ping Lacson's publicists must be scratching their heads. After drum-beating the third and final chapter of the "Incredible Hulk" expose, the publicists could only find the news on the ears of Manila dailies and the full story is buried in the inner pages. Why of all the time in the world would yesterday be the same day that Fathur Rohman Al Gozi, the escaped Indonesian bomber, would be killed in a shoot-out? As a result, the newspapers today carry the triumphant GMA with the presidential declaration, "Terrorists won't get far in the Philippines." -- as if Chapter III wasn't the most awaited final edition of the Jose Pidal controversy calculated to sabotage the President's second term run. Of course, it's pure coincidence -- just like the sun rising from the east. It was bound to happen at the time when it should happen. The only question is how come these publicists didn't know? It's the end of the line for Mr. Ping. From now on, it's just Kuratong Baleleng. No more Mr. Expose. I would say though that it was -- how would we put it? -- a nice try.

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