Thursday, October 23, 2003


Trust me FPJ, you don't want this aggravation.

I'm pretty sure in your youth, some girl might have trapped you in a corner and dropped her panties. She might have been your type, flawless skin, pearly white teeth, big boobs and peppermint breathe. What did you do? Did you put on the hard on and pump away? Heck, you thought it was for free. Or did you do the alternative -- pull up her panties and go home to your wife?

It takes a real man to deal with these situations.

Now that lady is back. Her name is Power. You don't know her. Hardly anybody knows her. She is offering you a moment in history. Oh, it must be really a pleasure. But there is a payback time and you don't know the price.

Its a classic situation that I never saw in your movies.
But it happens everyday in literature and real life. Sometimes, she comes in the form of money. But normally, she's only one of these things: sex, power and wealth. So how do you deal with this girl?

Take a look at your precedents:

1. The cab driver who found PHP 18,500 in his cab.

2. The waiter who found 100,000 USD in Sulu Hotel

3. Faust

4. Thomas More

5. Thomas Becket

6. Jesus Christ

What do you do now? Trust me. Learn from whatever lessons you learned when this lady first came in the form of a beautiful woman who dropped her panties. The results are guaranteed.

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