Sunday, October 19, 2003


Yesterday's State Visit to the Philippines by US President George W. Bush ended with much funfare and was deemed a rousing success by all the people who prepared for it.

I have always looked at US Presidents with great awe even after my political awakening, as it were, in my college days. After all, it is quite a feat to become President of the most powerful nation in the world. And I am just "some lawyer from the Philippines." But DUBYA, I still think he cheated Al Gore in Florida and he cheated the world and the UN in Iraq. Now, he's cheating everyone again to undo what he has done in Iraq. What a guy!

That's why I think the seven leftists congressmen who walked out on him as Mr. Bush addressed a Joint Session of the Philippine Congress really did us proud. See Inquirer report here. Giving him the finger would have sufficed. But. oh the guys needed to make it appear dramatic so they walked out just as people sat to hear the buffoon speak. Nonetheless, the message has been sent. Mr Bush as president of the US, with whom the Philippines has so much to thank for, will get his warm welcome and hospitality from this Third World Nation. But no way is he going to go thinking he has fooled everyone in this country. And special mention goes to Cong. JV Bautista who unfurled the peace flag before George W. could mumble his anti-terror rhetorics at the podium. Great going Bayan Muna Representatives. You did not fail this nation. You made my vote very much worth it.

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