Friday, August 12, 2005

Saklolo Leano: A Seasoned Litigator to the President's Defense

Two years ago, I summed up my list of Ten Best Lawyers in the Philippines.Today, the number 8 man on my list hit the headlines: Saklolo Leano. According to news reports, Sak -- as people are fond of calling him -- was appointed as co-counsel for the defense of the President in the impeachment trial.

I blogged:

"8. Saklolo Leano

He is considered as one of the few experts in aviation law, and is constantly battling the world's best lawyers in this field. I had the privilege of working with him in the multi-billion peso construction arbitration case against a French contractor and would forever be in awe of this great lawyer. Sak was our hitman against the French's expert witness, a lawyer-engineer with very impressive academic and professional credentials. Sak cross-examined the expert witness like a cook peeling off the skin of an onion. He was subtle, precise, organized, logical and persuasive. The French tried his best to live up to his client's expectations but he was no match. At one high point of the cross-examination, Sak, with his pleasant and clear voice told the witness, 'Mr. Smith, I am very sorry to say this but you do not have the slightest respect for the Philippine courts.' We won PHP 700 million in that case."

Legal 500, a publication, which rates and recomends lawyers based on their expertise, lists Platon Martinez Floes San Pedro & Leano, Sak's firm, as one of the top litigation firms in Manila.

Unlike the defense lawyers in the impeachment trial of Erap Estrada, Sak is a charming mild-mannered lawyer. He doesn't have a reputation of being a cheat. And he is not likely to offend people in the event that he has to object to every question of the prosecution team a la Atty. Flaminiano in the Estrada impeachment. The only factor that might go against him is that Sak is now in his late sixties or early seventies. I hope he will be able to stand the rigors of this impeachment trial. But I'm sure, he will be able to live up to his reputation, give the President a fair trial, and help the nation uncover the truth.


mariognitrini111 said...

La Vida Lawyer:

mariognitrini111 said...

Mr. La Vida Lawyer:

I'll put this here, I hope You don't mind.

I was personally involved in The OJ Simpson Case. There is SO MUCH Cover-up in the Case it's UNREAL. You can do a Google Search on Me to get a better Handle of Who I am.

My Wife was born in The Phillipines. We have been Married for almost 41 Months. We are VERY CLOSE. We Live in Reseda, California, a Suburb just outside of Los Angeles

There ARE going to be More Legal Happenings in other Cases with Certain People who were somehow Connected to The OJ Simpson Case. It IS REALLY going to get Legally Intense.

My Favorite Filipino TV show is "Knowledge Power."

I make My living as a Musician. I have learned to sing Leron, Leron Sinta, OCHO OCHO, Habang Mabuay and More songs in (I Hope I have this spelled Right) Tagolog.


Mario G. Nitrini 111

Sassy Lawyer said...

Breakaway group ng Siguion Reyna yang firm nila Platon, di ba? Platon and Ogot San Pedro were senior partners there.

marvin said...

yup! the Philippines' finest...

Arden d' Great said...

Personally, it’s a wow for me. our country needs more like you, not more on knowledge ( we already have bunch of them sinking our country) but the heart that you have. Keep it up. I declare God’s blessing in your life particularly long life and may you have a great successor. I don’t know if God would allow us to face each other one day, but when it happens, I’ll give you my salute that only great people can have. I hope at least you can read this. Proverbs 16:32
-A d’ G

Alvin said...

Saklolo A. Leano passed away yesterday, 10 November 2010. He was a lawyer's lawyer, whose modesty and integrity even exceeded his considerable legal skills. He left behind his wife and 6 children. He shall sorely be missed by those whom he touched in the profession.

Dondi said...

I had the opportunity of working under Sak LeaƱo and have nothing but the highest admiration for him. He was a brilliant and inspiring litigator who had the temperament of a loving but firm grandfather; a rarity in the legal profession. He was an institution who will always be remembered dearly. I worked for him for less than two years and yet I have a lifetime of stories to tell of this great man.

Anonymous said...

Saklolo Leano is my grandfather! To see comments like this about him reminds me of Wat a great grandpa, father, uncle, person, human being he was. He will be missed dearly by all that has known him. Especially by our family.

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