Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Second test on Zuce's story: What dinner at the lower level?

Zuce's affidavit states that "Upon arrival at PGMAs residence, they were brought to a lower level where the dinner tables had already been arranged but we waited for 2 hours before GMA arrived at around 9:00 P.M."

He said "lower level". Note this detail. They didn't have dinner in a room or in a garden. They had it at the "lower level".

The term "lower level", does this mean the basement of PGMA's house in La Vista? Why then didn't Zuce say it was the basement? Does this mean that PGMA's house in La Vista has a lower level, which is not necessarily the basement of the house, and 27 people or so would fit and have dinner there with tables arranged? This is easily verifiable.

And if the Administration's attacks against Zuce is true (that he was a minor functionary and therefore could not have been involved in sensitive matters), how come he is familiar with PGMA's house in La Vista? Are minor functionaries of the government allowed at PGMA's private La Vista house? What kind of security guards do they have in that subdivision that minor government functionaries are allowed to have dinner at the President's private home? Perhaps, Zuce is a minor functionary, who is major enough, as it were, to be allowed to go to the President's private abode.

Maybe Zuce is just imagining that PGMA's house has a lower level where 27 people could have dinner?

The devil is in the details. Does PGMA"s house in La VIsta have a lower level?


Punzi said...

I'm verifying this right now from a neighbor...

Anonymous said...

Did I read somewhere Zuse described elsewhere as a gofer.
The term gofer was popularized by the Gofer character on Love Boat.
He was called Gofer because he was told to 'Go for this and Go for that'.

I thought that was a useful description. 'gofers' are often needed even in important events.

marvin said...


He he he no need pare. I knew the answer before I asked the quetion. Also, the PCIJ article today on the interview with Zuce has him describing the house in detail, including the level of the swimming pool. There is no doubt about it, he has been in GMA's La Vista house. And GMA in a press interview said that she only has one thing to say: no bribery took place in her presence. That means she is not ready to deny Zuce's dinner at her home with the 27 COMELEC officials. No one was bribed in her presence. That statement admits a lot of propositions. Was there bribery in her absence but with her knowledge? Was there a dinner with the COMELEC officials and a little "please support me" speech at the end of the dinner? The Palace's decision to keep mum about Zuce is the nest thing they have done so far in this crisis. Of course, in spite of all these developments, we can still expect the opposition to bungle this. haaaay

quash said...

nice reply to punzi, marvin! sharp thinking as well ... carry on!