Monday, August 15, 2005

William Esposo on Raul S. Roco: Filipinos lose the best, keep the worst

I'd like to post the last paragraph of William Esposo's column today in the, if he doesn't mind. I'm close to tears after reading it. and I'd like to keep it etched in my memory forever. I hope it moves you too.

"I am sadder for the upper and middle class members of our society who found refuge in the lesser evil. I can understand how much more difficult it would be for the masses to discern what is good for them. I can understand their attraction to showbiz types who comfort, humor and entertain them in the misery of their daily existence. But the supposedly more educated, more informed upper and middle class members of society who we expect to have better sense and propriety - there is no reason at all for them to select the lesser evil.

Because of them, the lesser evil has made our country a virtual hell."

No Sun Tzu today.


el che said...

Brilliant article by Mr. Esposo! I have written this guy countless of times in agreement to his articles. Brilliant selection by Mr.Aceron!

I wrote a similar thing about the sins of the middle class in my blog.

bayi said...

As a mark of respect, no Sun Tzu.