Thursday, May 18, 2006

Finally, Wifi Access in the Office!

After an initial disappointing experience with SkyDSL a year ago, we decided to sign up with them again and go back online 24/7 yesterday. I've set up the wi-fi router today, and so far, it's been great. For a year, we had to settle with ISP Bonanza prepaid cards, after cancelling the SkyDSL account a year ago, and engaging their lawyers in a test of wills. We refused to pay their final billing of PHP 5,000, because for the single month that we were with them, we were online for less than a week. Their tech guys couldn't figure out the problem, until we decided to cancel the account. But their finance guys had the nerve to bill us for the full month. Thus, we exchanged nasty demand letters with their lawyers, copy furnished the National Telecommunications Commission, until they relented, and decided to waive the charges. So did we win? Probably not, because today, we're back with them again.

For now, I'm looking at the possibilites: streaming internet radio, playing the old tv shows widget on the Mac OS X, video conferencing with clients, and most importantly, live-blogging. Geez, with all the distractions, work has become the distraction.

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Rizalist said...

"Work has become a distraction!"

Heheh..Sitemeters have the proof of this assertion: Most bloggers get most visitors during "office hours" at their various geographic locations.