Friday, May 19, 2006

Links on the La Mesa Dam Controversy

To help us understand the brewing controversy on the housing project to be constructed on the La Mesa dam water reservoir, I have gathered some links on the subject.

The latest report is the Manila Times article that says over 100 houses will sprout on the La Mesa dam watershed. Click here.

The Inquirer's summarizes the facts and its position on the matter in this editorial.

The Supreme Court decision upholding the rights of the awardees may be found here.

Jojo Robles from the Manila Standard Today argues that this provides a situation where what is legal is not right.

Neal Cruz from the Inquirer points to the UP National Hydraulic Center report that came to the conclusion that no matter what abatement and safety procedures are adopted in the construction of the housing project, the danger of water contamination remains.

Update: Manila Times report on the completed MWSS executive houses in the La Mesa dam reservoir.

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