Monday, May 29, 2006

When tribes clash

Yesterday, the Inquirer published my piece When tribes clash in the Talk of the Town page. It appeared together with Atty Punzi's lecture on the issues in the La Mesa Dam controversy, while Manuel L. Quezon III, who was guest editing the section, showed the social and historical dimensions of the controvery.

Some links to accompany the article:

1. A copy of the NIPAS law can be found here.

2. The Supreme Court decision on the land awardees can be found here.

3. The status of the ECC application on the housing project can be found here.

My wife's cousin, Agerico de Villa, who is a UP professor, reacted and said that back in 1997, the DENR has concluded that allowing residents in the area would be a security threat to Metro Manila residents. Terrorists could pose as residents and release dangerous substances to the reservoir and poison the water supply.


Edwin Lacierda said...


Thanks for the info on your article. Very informative just like Punzi's. Read it and understood a little more now on the La Mesa Dam controversy.

marvin said...

Don't mention it Dawin. Writing it was fun.

Rizalist said...

I don't agree with letting people set up private residences in La Mesa Dam's watershed, but actually, one doesn't have to be a resident of the Park to pollute the waters there, or to poison them intentionally in a terrorist attack (which is actually a surprisingly difficult proposition in practice). One must look at ALL intrusions into the park, not just by this particular group, but government, academics, lgus, and even, tourists and treehugging environmentalists!

marvin said...

ha ha ha!