Friday, February 24, 2006

Comment: Proc. No. 1017 puts ultimate powers on the military on matters of law and order

Reading the text of the Proc. No. 1017, I am of the opinion that this gives ultimate powers on the military to arrest individuals caught committing acts of lawless violence insurrection or rebellion. The wording of the Proclamation is precise. It is ordering the AFP to maintain law and order through out the entire country and enforce obedience to all the laws decrees and orders of the President. In a situation where, for example, Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay defies the order not to continue on his planned mass action, the military can pick him up and put him in jail. Mayor Binay cannot argue that since he is Mayor of Makati, he has the jurisdiction over the peace and order over his city, because Proc. No. 1017 places the ultimate authority to maintain law and order over the military. If this is not martial law, I do not know what martial law is.

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