Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fort Bonifacio Live Blog from Rizalist

Rizalist has live blog of the events in Fort Bonifacio in this post.

Classes tomorrow in all levels have been suspended.


Arbet said...

Sir, off-topic:

A certain Atty. Lambino appeared in the Fortress last Sat/Fri?, telling the media that as a lawyer for the Koalisyon ng Nagkakaisang Pilipino (KNP or Coalition of United Filipinos), he saw no alterations nor any visible signs of cheating in the KNP’s copy of the election returns. Question: even if it is true or not, is his action a violation of the client-counsel privilege? Even if the relationship has ended, does this free the lawyer from the privilege?

Rizalist said...

FOLKS, Those who’ve got the time to post comments on blogs, please have a look at this item from Austin Bay (who gets 10,000 visitors a day). He quotes my blog, but there is also this FilipinoAmerican there who is mouthing the admin line. Don’t know if he’s Palace or just another Pinoy enjoying America and making fun of what he got of. But I think it is extraordinarily important for people to stand up to and debate with our countrymen abroad. They don’t know anything but the folks over there listen to them because we sometimes only talk to ourselves. Please visit and comment (don’t be afraid, just be polite and make the right points):