Tuesday, February 28, 2006


The alleged alliance between the CPP-NPA and the rightist coup plotters, which prompted the issuance of Proc. No 1017, is the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard, since the ambush on Enrile's car.

Everybody knows (except Gloria's intelligence network), that the CPP-NPA is not capable of joining forces with anyone, not even as a matter of strategy. The Left is fighting with the RJ's (the former partymembers who have rejected the old Maoist line), the democratic socialists (demsocs), and the social democrats (socdems). The CPP even put the demsocs and the socdems in the list of their enemies most of whom have been liquidated.  So how can the CPP-NPA ally with the rightist when the CPP-NPA cannot even ally with the moderate left? Surely, the CPP and the moderate left have more things in common compared to the Magdalo? The CPP-NPA simply does not behave that way.

The Government cited that the Magdalo soldier San Juan was caught after a meeting with the NPA's in Padre Garcia, Batangas. But does that establish an alliance between the Magdalo soldiers and the CPP? A meeting does not make an alliance. I have a client who has been trying to strike a deal with the CPP-NPA just so their strike-ridden hacienda would be cleansed of armed NPA's. They have been meeting for months. Does that make my client in alliance with the CPP-NPA? Definitely not. There has to be a deal. Without a deal, it's only meeting, a mere social interaction. To accuse the Magdalos of being allies with the NPA after a meeting is not intelligence work, that's imagination. 

A CPP-NPA-MAGDALO alliance? Fourteen years from now, when keeping this lie is no longer to the interest of the powers-that-be, somebody is going to say, it was a joke.

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i do so agree.

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