Friday, February 17, 2017

Day 48: Starts with the letter "G"

I am concerned about
the mangoes, I said
as my daughter 
lunged a spoon 
on its yellow flesh for lunch, 
why do we have them 
all year? We used to
have them from March to May
and they start to vanish
in June. How come 
they are sweeter than
before, not that I complain,
but are we allowed to 
do this - mess with the
fruit because we want
them more often or sweeter
than they can ever be?
Should somebody think
of turning them into blue,
do we still eat them,
call them mangoes?

She said, “Oh Tatay, 
It’s called technological
innovation. The great modern
work of genetic engineering.”

I smiled at her answer as she
left the table, and proud how
smart she’s been to reply to
my question. But I knew 
Chuang Tzu has a word for it, 
she would not like to hear.

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