Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day 53: Solved is the Mystery

Ay! Ay! Solved is the mystery!
The Mayor, the Mayor,
Lord and king  of the 
great city
who’s no way a sissy,
became our prexy
because God wants
us to see
you and me
what the Mayor
has done yeah
what the Mayor
has done yeah 
to God’s people
God’s poor people
of His beloved city.
It's God’s trap,
a Divine trap,
you give the Mayor
the country,
yeah crazy country,
so he will leave,
leave the city
Oh wow pearl city
God's precious one
of the parable,
Wow, great wisdom 
The city is free!
The city is free!
Bow down our heads
the great hand of God
the mighty hand of God
of history!

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