Sunday, August 16, 2015

26. Filipino humor

Three girls, with nothing to do one evening, decided they were going to act bitchy on video and uploaded it on youtube. The eleven year old
played the meanest bitch, called themselves "Pabebe girls"; she didn't have eyebrows and youtubers thought it was all part of the act. The twelve year old took the cue from the first and she had a mouthful to say as she stutterred, no one should mind what they want to do on their video and no one could stop them. While the two played their act, a third voice was heard, "Tama na yan" pleading to stop it as if what was happening was an oppression. The video went viral and was soon lampooned on national tv, earning a lot of laughs. The three appear as themselves, and said they made the video because they were just bored. They were not like some gang of girls with shaven eyebrows. And Filipino humor, which for once I thought was limited to slapstick and language puns, extended its bounds to the fascination of the weird and bitchy.

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