Monday, August 17, 2015

27. Fr. Roque Ferriols, S. J.

I can think of at least ten people who have mentored me in many ways in the path of life. But today it's about Fr. Roque Ferriols. I've always called him mysterium tremendum. The old man, it is easy to piss him off. Speak to him in English without knowing what you're talking about -- "Ano ang kalansay? "Father it's part of the anatomy...," "Ano? *%!¥£€!!...kalansay it's your bones!" Tell him you can't attend your oral schedule because of a conflict with Fr. Green. "$:&;&! Father&;@;&:@) sabbathical£€|££}£\£!" Ask if there will be class in the afternoon, ";&/&akdj&;&:$/You are pressuring me not to hold classes with your question!" Yet, he is also mysterium fascinocium, especially when he picks a line from his book and speaks it in Greek, Latin, French, Ilocano and Bisaya. Then he reminds us that, if sometimes our love for knowledge is not enough motivation, then perhaps fear will settle it as he threatens to give a quiz that will cover everything we have discussed from the first day of classes. But what I  am eternally grateful for is his having taught me what a wonderful pre-occupation it is to engage in a life long adventure into discovering the mysteries of being. It's one thing to be taught a skill, but it is a great blessing to be shown your life's purpose. Thank you Father.  I'm still working on my quest. I have been happy so far.

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