Thursday, August 06, 2015

17. What is the value of beauty clinics?

Jobs. I don't mean nose jobs. I mean real jobs, the ones with employer-employee relations,  salaries, and withholding taxes.  Salaries that feed families. Taxes that build roads.  Beauty clinics provide jobs. More importantly, beauty clinics teach enterpreneurship. They show us how to make money on people whose self-esteem depend on the shape of their nose, the size of their bra, the whiteness of their armpits, and the fats on their butts. Beauty clinics have made this business of convincing people they are ugly, and their ugliness can be fixed, into an art.  Everyone should learn it. Finally and most importantly, beauty clinics are prophetic. Some of their products show how zombies would look like when the apocalypse happens. Imagine a skeleton with boobs. A nose without a face. Butts without legs. Beautiful. So, what is the value of beauty clinics? If you want to give people jobs, learn how to make money, and prepare for the apocalypse, go to beauty clinics.

 (For Vinnie who still can't find the answer)


jovener said...

What would our economy be without people with low self-esteem? Closed soap factories? Closed Clinics? I shudder at the thought.

marvin said...

A world of alpha dogs. We'd eat each other's ears.