Friday, August 07, 2015

18. Ripped off by a doctor?

Friday night it was satay sauce. Saturday, patis with calamansi  Sunday -- mango and bagoong. Monday, it was the stress of losing the iPhone and the race to protect the data on the phone. Tuesday, satay sauce again. So Wednesday, my blood pressure shot up to 150/112. My head was turning as I tried to remember the things I needed to do to bring down the blood pressure. I rushed to the doctor to find out what to do. He greeted me, the familiar face from three years ago, and reminded me of what he told me then. Ditch the salt. Exercise everyday. Avoid stress.  I asked what would I do in case my blood pressure shoots up again. He said the same thing. Ditch the salt. Exercise everyday. Avoid stress. He apologized for doctors being importunate and smiled. I walked away from the clinic shaking my head and wondering if I was ripped off. I paid 600 bucks for something I already knew.

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