Monday, August 24, 2015

34. Rainy Days

Back in the 80s, the most anticipated voice was Nilo Rosas from the Department of Education. Every rainy morning we would turn on the AM radio, and would await for his live interview. The interview would begin with a few pleasantries, and we would learn that Mr. Rosas was just having breakfast or that he was already in the office, and then the question would be asked. We would be all ears as he laid the premise of his announcement. He would say that he was monitoring the radio reports, that he had a call with the weather agency, and yes -- he decided there would be no classes. And it was mayhem from there. We would leave the radio, drop our school bags, change back in to our house clothes, and turn on the TV and indulge in the morning shows. I would spend my time with the guitar or the piano, trying to learn new songs with Jingle Magazine or Jingle Songhits in hand. Nowadays, my kids would get there 'no classes' announcements from everywhere.  Aside from the tv and radio, the announcements are passed on in text messages, twitter, facebook, viber, and email. Yet, you would  anticipate the same reaction when they learn that there would be no classes. It would be mayhem alright. All computers, tvs, and gadgets in the house would be fired up; everyone would be racing to get entertained, just like the kids that we were in 80s on rainy days. Indeed, there is a common inter-generational experience and understanding in 'no classes' announcements, which might be uniquely Filipino. Somehow, we all need a relief from the daily grind. The constant demands of  getting educated, or getting work done could be boring and tiresome. And when everything else would let you down, like the rock ceaselessly rolling down from the top of the mountain and we are like Sisyphus working daily to push it up, there is nothing like the weather to change all that, and give a break just for a day.

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